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Exordium Comic Cover

Five hundred years in the future, humanity has made a home on Atmos

Covered in noxious gas and roiling storms, populated with poisonous flora and murderous fauna, Atmos is a world of the most violent extremes. The human beings who scrape a living from this benighted rock represent the best and the worst that the Galaxy has to offer.

Freeminers and revolutionaries, gang members and void-pirates, Exo racers and corporate overlords, all living in a constant state of contention, honing their skills against one another, vying for power and wealth.

Little do any of them understand the true danger of their continued enterprise on this planet, for it is not merely their fellow humans with whom they are competing. Atmos itself seems to hate the parasitic species that has traveled from the stars to infest its surface, and will do anything and everything to rid itself of their blight.


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